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Erich Hauser (1930-2004) was a famous international sculptor. As a member of the „Akademie der Künste“ (Academy of Arts) in Berlin, recipient of international art awards and a visiting lecturer at different art academies, Erich Hauser always remained faithful to his native region. In 1996 he established the art foundation Erich Hauser. The foundation now manages Erich Hauser’s former living and working area, encompassing a sculpture park of around 40.000 square meters and multiple buildings, a museum of his collection of paintings, a pyramid and a workshop hall.


The art foundation was established with the intention to maintain the complete ensemble of art, architecture and nature formed by Hauser for the public, to make it accessible and to use it to support young artists. His once private living and working area has turned into an artistic centre, which is well-regarded locally, nationally and internationally. The foundation’s programme is multifaceted and encompasses several on-going initiatives.


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Anahita Razmi



Kalin Lindena



Benjamin Appel



One of them is the Werkstattpreis (workshop prize) which has been awarded to young sculptors since 1997. Recipients of the prize are invited to work at the foundation for a period of one or two months. The works created during this time, complemented by other pieces, are presented to the public in an exhibition at the foundation and documented by a catalogue.


Over the course of this programme, this prize has been awarded to 24 artists, which were selected by juries composed of distinguished museum directors and curators. In the past years Dr. Matthias Mühling (Lenbachhaus München), Dr. Christoph Schreier (Kunstmuseum Bonn), Dr. Rudolf Sagmeister (Kunsthaus Bregenz), Dr. Gregor Jansen (Kunsthalle Düsseldorf), Dr. Andreas Beitin (Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen) and many others have served as jurors.


In the past few years, artists from Austria, France, Finland, Switzerland and Germany have received the prize, for example Thomas Rentmeister, Kalin Lindena, Anahita Razmi, Marko Lulic, Kilian Rüthemann, Benjamin Appel und Sonja Vordermaier. These artists, who received the prize at the start of their careers, are now internationally active, have been awarded professorships and various prizes.


Bill Culbert



Richard Jackson



Lynda Benglis



Alternating with the Werkstattpreis, the foundation awards the Erich-Hauser-Preis (Erich Hauser Prize) to artists that have a connection with its founder. Recipients have included Bill Culbert (New Zealand), Richard Jackson (USA) and Lynda Benglis (USA, Greece, India). This prize includes a big exhibition on site, which is organised in collaboration with the galleries representing these international artists (for instance Cheim and Read (New York) or Hauser and Wirth, and the production of a catalogue. 

Additionally, the foundation has been host to a widely noted forum on experimental contemporary music in co-operation with SWR2 radio since 1999.


Through exhibitions, talks with artists, lectures about contemporary art, projects on food and art, presentations of film portraits of artists, and symposiums the foundation has increasingly become a forum for modern and contemporary art with an emphasis on sculpture. The idea of art foundations being both, remembrance and future is the basis of our work.


The following are some of the speakers that have given talks at the foundation in the past years: Nairy Baghramian, Berlin; Prof. Rolf Bier, Stuttgart; Dr. Katja Blomberg, Berlin; Prof. Dr. Dirk Boll, Hamburg und London; Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie Bonnet, Bonn; Prof. Dr. Helmut Draxler, Wien; Dr. Susanne Gaensheimer, Düsseldorf; Tamara Grcic, Frankfurt; Dr. Ulrike Groos, Stuttgart; Prof. Dr. Jörg Heiser, Berlin; Prof. Dr. Georg Imdahl, Münster; Susanne Kippenberger, Berlin; Urs Raussmüller, Basel; Prof. Tobias Rehberger, Frankfurt; Prof. Timm Ulrichs, Hannover; Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, Leipzig und Wien; Martin Walde, Wien; Vitus H. Weh, Wien and Berlin.


The Erich Hauser foundation is connected to many other institutions, both locally and nationwide, for instance Museum Art.Plus, Donaueschingen; Kunstverein Reutlingen; Akademie der Bildenden Künste Berlin; Kunsthalle Weishaupt, Ulm.


The foundation is also a co-founder of the project network „Reden über Kunst – Talking about art“ with the members of Sammlung Grässlin, an international foundation in St. Georgen, as well as Fürstenberg zeitgenössisch (Donaueschingen) and Städtische Galerie Villingen-Schwenningen. The project network organises much-acclaimed, two-day symposiums all over Germany. Topics have included: “Die politische Dimension der Kunst – Bedingungen, Grenzen und Perspektiven”, 2018 (The policial dimension of art: Constraints, Boundaries and Perspectives); “Kunst transformiert - Der Wert der Kunst im Wandel“, 2015 (Art transforms: The changing value of art)


The Foundation is a member of the „Sculpture network e.V.“, an international association of sculpture museums and collections, and also a member of the Arbeitsgruppe Bildhauermuseen und Skulpturensammlungen (Working group sculpture museums and collections).


Axel Anklam



Matthias Beckmann



Klaus Heider

Exhibition overview 2013-2018


The Foundation Erich Hauser usually shows two exhibitions per year



Benjamin Appel (solo show), Werkstattpreis 2013 Christoph Valentien (solo show), Exhibition programme „Solo für Hauser #1”



Bill Culbert (solo show), Erich Hauser Award 2014 Klaus Heider (solo show), Exhibition programme „Solo für Hauser # 2”



Anahita Razmi, (solo show), Werkstattpreis 2015 Matthias Beckmann (solo show), Exhibition programme „Solo für Hauser #3”



Gerhard Breinlinger (solo show), Erich-Hauser-Preis 2016 Jubilee Exhibition 20 Years Kunststiftung Erich Hauser, Group exhibition of past winners of the Werkstattpreis: Benjamin Appel, Karin Hueber, Kalin Lindena, Tino Panse, Thomas Rentmeister, Hans Schüle, Sonja Vordermaier and Wolfgang Weileder


Since 2017 (in the sculpture park)

Axel Anklam (solo show), Exhibition programme „Solo für Hauser #4”


2018 (planned)

Martina Geist (solo show), Exhibition programme „Solo für Hauser #5” Charlotte Mumm (solo show), Werkstattpreis 2018




An additional focus of the foundation’s work lies in art education for children and schools with an age of 8 to 14 years. We offer creative workshops showing various artistic materials and techniques run by artists such as actors, dancers, photographers, painters and sculptors. We collaborate with local schools for largescale projects. Last year, over 300 children visited the foundation that created works centred around the topic “On an exploratory mission to Planet Hauser”.